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  1. ...專輯裡 Somebody saw you in the parking lot With a girl heading to the spot... Somebody saw you in the parking lot With a girl heading to this spot...

  2. 這裡的 parking lot 是片語 停車場的意思 parking lot n. (名詞 noun) 停車場[C...06 09:49:32 補充: lot 也有一個用法是 (作特定用處的)一塊地[C] 所以 parking lot 就是停車用地的意思

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  3. ... [Adam Duritz] They paved paradise and put up a parking lot With a pink hotel, a boutique, and a swingin hot spot Don t it always...

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  4. 我會這麼修訂: 1. According to this parking lot regulations, please park properly, [...the vehicle.This coupon does not imply parking lot ’s responsibility to safeguard your vehicle.

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  5. ...車輛. The kid plays the joy on the overpass!! 孩童在高架橋上玩樂!! 4. parking lot 停車場 The drunkard urinates in the parking lot .醉漢在停車場...

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  6. 在停車場見面時這句是用 at 還是in ??? I will see you at the parking lot ? I will see you in the parking lot ? at 用於指在某一地點上,in...

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  7. use to +V.= It is no use+Ving) 4.ran/at/ lot / parking /into/the/I/my friend(重組) A:I ran into my...

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  8. 1, 停車場 Car Park 其他選擇: Parking Lot (♥EvA♡提供) Parking Lot 在美加比較常用。 2. 公共電話...

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  9. ...039;s called "car park ", I don't like it when people say parking lot ??

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  10. ...的。 參考網路上的解釋,指的是停泊郵輪的碼頭,取的應該是類似cruise ship的 parking lot 意思。 例如這家阿拉斯加遊艇公司

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