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  1. 做完當日未完工作 Finish the duty of that day.

  2. Employees generally perceive that overtime work is a result of inadequate planning by management. Therefore...

  3. same as 軍裝 3 shifts a day 7 am- 3:45am, 3pm - 11:45 pm and 11pm - 7:45 am sometimes could work overtime ..but no overtime money will be paid, only extra holidays

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  4. ...因為做service或者organization ge時候都要overrun,所以i am willing to work overtime . 成句英文點寫可以寫得得體d,有誠意d? I wouldn’t mind working...

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  5. ... by the number of normal working hours in a week. 4. Overtime premium The overtime premium is the total cost of overtime work. 5. ...

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  6. Overtime Compensation Leave

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  7. OT = Overtime 超時 一般意思係超時工作'' e.g. 唉..又開 OT.. 即係.又要超時工作..

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  8. ...environment 2) Sufficient manpower that you are not supposed to work overtime 3) If you work overtime , you get overtime pay 4) If your supervisor...

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  9. work ot( overtime ) is due to routine duties not completed 得呀

  10. OT= OverTime 即超時工作的意思

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