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  1. ... / polite / should We should be polite to our parents. 4 ought / to / not / Children / television / watch / so much Children ought not to...

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  2. " ought to" is instructive, like an order; "should" is suggestive, a tone no as strong as " ought to". Of course, one can politely give an order by saying "...

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  3. 1.You see a crippled man carrying a heavy bag. I ought to help him carry the bag. 2.You are getting on a bus and a blind man is behind you. I ought to let him get on the bus first.

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  4. 不用 ought to 為 auxiliary verb 就像will, should 等一樣 只有infinitive & past tense 的形式

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  5. 1. She said she ought to go home. 2. Like the auxiliary verb “must", “ ought to” does not change to show past tense.

  6. should / ought to都係應該的意思 例如, you should study hard, 你應該努力讀書 doctors ought to save lives, 醫生應該救人 have to, must都係一定的意思 例如, i have...

  7. ought to和should都是「應該」, ought to 比較英式、正式.should比較一般、口語,美式. could是「可能」「可以」

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  8. ...amp;quot;should" try your best in the examination. You ought to be calm during the competition. You had better have another think...

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  9. ... a need for more clarification What suggestions do you have? 2. Ought to Reference: Ought ...

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  10. ought to 是表示「改正」的東西,表示有事情做錯了,訓示「應該」的做法。 should 是未必真是有做錯而更正,只是「應該」可以這樣,或對人有禮貌地提議如何做也會用這字。 如果情況是真做錯了事而被改正,則 ought to比should嚴重。

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