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  1. other than ----- 底下是Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English (朗文當代英英字典)對 other than 的解釋和所舉例句: other than : apart from a particular person or thing, synonym except...

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  2. something other than B:除了B以外的東東。 other than the typically puritanical are available... have increased in China amid popular demand for something other than the typically puritanical shows which are available on state-controlled...

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2008年03月14日

  3. its number tow it means that they can not only speak english also can speak another lanquage!! sorry cuz now i am in American so i only can type in english

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  4. 其他因素比那些與陽光影響冰形成相關

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  5. 是指"除了........以外的"運輸工具 整句話的意思是汽車的使用者如何評估(除了汽車以外的)其他的運輸工具

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2005年04月21日

  6. Shipping to/from countries other than Taiwan. other than =not including不含 故此句為 台灣本島以外之進出貨 圖片參考:

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  7. ...speak Chinese. Oscar can speak any language other than Chinese. "speack"拼錯了, 已為您更正...作為關代之先行詞. 況且, 原句的" other than "是重要片語, 應於合併句中保留為宜. 2011-08...

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  8. 答案是B 這一句很明顯沒有動詞, 後面 than has可以知道B應該是 has contributed, 這一句是...

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  9. Since the absence was none other than the president,the meeting had to be ...特別也意味著凸顯與強調總裁的缺席!! was none other than 沒有題到何人 , 但 was none other than the president...

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  10. ...是一樣,可以達意。 但是您似乎要表達的更像是: You prefer to believe in others than me. or You prefer to believe in others than to trust me...

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