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  1. work), your heart must be hurt so i suggest that forget him and focus on your study youthhood is really limited, so dont waste ...

  2. Simple past 係簡單過去式, 即係你好簡單地邁出呢一分鐘之前所做或所發生的事, 而 Present perfect係現在將來式, 即係你現在所做的事, 一直會維持到你做完為止, 而以上每句句子都係咁分別.

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  3. ... on date (weekday/ weekend /holiday etc). Better ask...full fare. econ/biz class depend on your fd's seniority... get onboard with this staff tix so they have to postpone... staff tickets. $ vs chance.

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  4. ...? Republicans on the whole dress a little better and in the case of this past weekend 's overlapping ...更多此站結果 Democrats Vs . Republicans -- no difference...

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  5. agency can get a better rate) VS $43000 - $49000 +Tax ( depends on what day you travel, lowest fare of business...maybe different if the departure date is weekend /weekday If want to have a look how...

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