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  1. ... Set on the British Empire" is on the wane . However, the history along the River Thames and places...

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  2. the dark of the moon 是指每月的無月期間或指黑夜期間 因您說面有提到 The moon is on the wane (月虧) , 所以, the dark of the moon應指每月的無月期間

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  3. ...com內的簡介 Hartsburg, Ohio, is a vintage rust-belt town on the wane ; the factories and foundries are closed. And...

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  4. ...quot; "Lead on !" said Scrooge. "Lead on ! The night is waning fast, and it is precious time to me, I know. Lead on ...

  5. ... across your bedroom A halo A waning moon Your last breath moving through you as everything ends Meet me on the equinox Meet me halfway When the ...

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  6. 1.Great is thin waste loses 2. The veteran does not die only can be on the wane 3. The Ruan pouch is shy

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  7. ... 專輯:At Sixes And Sevens 歌曲: On The Wane 圖片參考:

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  8. ... Leaves' Eyes - The Thorn;n Druidi - Seawitch And The Sorcerer

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  9. Life From a scene of the tent of the loofah, I would like to dishplay the signs of life ...autumn to the withering of it in the chilly winter. All of which represent the different phases of the living things in life - new born, ...

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  10. 我有後面三首的翻譯... 先給妳吧! 亞拉岡之歌 真金不一定閃閃發光, 並非浪子都迷失方向; 硬朗的老者不顯衰老, 根深就不畏冰霜。 星星之火也可復燃, 微光也能爆開黑暗; 斷折聖劍再鑄之日, 失去冠冕者再度為王。 吉爾加拉德的殞落 吉爾加拉德是精靈國王。 豎琴也為他哀傷地...

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