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  1. "The front windows" 係指複數的窗而成一體化,所以,視它(the front windows)為「第三人稱單數」,而 " offer " 以「現在式」表現;因此使用 " offers "。例如:電視牆由複數的螢幕而成一體化。

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  2. ---We offer high quality fine jewelry of elegant design at an affordable price. We are strictly.... ---In order to impress your gift-sale with additional surprise, we offer a package of great beauty at no additional charge.

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  3. 第一個大廳提供安全保障,因為員工通過大門到後面的電梯時必須掃描證件\員工卡\臉 沒有明說要掃描的是什麼,但意思就是員工進出會需要讓機器掃個什麼來確認身分 ___ their way through,意思就是做了什麼來通過,像是 force their way through 是強行通過, fight my way...

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  4. ...lend, send, write, bring, hand, pass, deliver, show, teach, tell, sell, pay, owe, do, promise, offer ...... She wrote a letter to me. = She wrote...

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  5. ...是餐點的數量.而是 <菜單 的項目>. 再來: that are on offer .是不必翻譯的. 因為它的意思是 = <他們所在賣的奶昔> 的意思...

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  6. 兩周內沒消息就打過去詢問 用塔羅牌幹嘛...很多公司都是講講的 沒實際收到 offer 就不算錄取 繼續面試別間吧

  7. 最安全的方法就是 "只說明 我司的 決定,根本不必解釋理由" We have decided not to submit our bid for this offer . Regardless, we thank you for your considerations.

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  8. ...每個店家都會設定) its own margin (自訂的商品成本的加成 – 利潤) and offers its own range of goods(並提供特定系列貨品 – 如進口品不賣或只...

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  9. As we evaluated your offer of USD0.96, we have to decline because this rate will imposed deficit to...

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