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  1. I didn't mean to offend you. Did 助動詞 mean to 動詞 offend 動詞 是這樣嗎? Simple ...而to offend 就是 infinitive ( to + root verb原動詞) Did 助動詞 mean 動詞 to offend 是 infinitive 不定式

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  2. 1 talk about=談論..... 2 joke=笑話 2 toilet =廁所 或 梳妝打扮 3 gossip =八卦 4 offend = 冒犯 5 offer= 提供 6 lnvite=邀請 7 firt有拼錯嗎?是FIRST(首先)嗎? 8wince=畏縮 9lnsult=羞辱 10break up=分手、解散

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  3. ...word, learn as many culture practices as you can so that you won't offend your friends. 總之,盡可能學習(接觸)各種文化的樣貌,就可以...

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  4. ... intended to catch the corruption at an earlier point where the offending driver can be identifed 翻譯為:執行驅動檢驗器反對所有新的(or 不信任)驅動器...

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  5. Offending Angels是英國的電影 影片中的歌聲是Andrew Lincoln 也是影片裡的人

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  6. ...的(adj.) board 木板(n.) creep 緩慢地行進(vt.) suffer 遭受(vt.) refuse 拒絕(vt.) offend 冒犯(vt.) victory 勝利(n.) giant (童話中的)巨人 (adj.) 希望有幫助到你 : )

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  7. ...or Negro). 3. What Coach Carter did that offended basketball players parents and the whole community was in order...

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  8. 演唱: Does It Offend You Yeah? 歌名: We Are...可至YouTube搜尋關鍵字Does It Offend You Yeah? - We Are ...

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  9. Without offending the reader, there is another rule of thumbthat should be considered when...

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  10. ...完成式 4.I am sorry ____ you the other day. <p.27> (a)to offend (c)to have offended ans:c 分析/為了表示現在對於過去曾經已經...

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