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  1. ... obstinacy .wmv =>倔強mv 完整版

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  2. 應該可以聽啦 倔強 obstinacy .wmv 遇見

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  3. ... obstinacy .wmv" volume=100 autostart=true hidden=true> 孫悟空 http://mediaserver.iwant...

  4. ..., Irritation, Lust, Madness, Malice, Obstinacy , Rudeness, Stubbornness, Sullen, Superiority...

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  5. 給妳mv obstinacy .wmv

  6. 歌詞有了 obstinacy .wmv 是他音樂

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  7. ● 五月天 倔強 mv obstinacy .wmv

  8. ... 例: exasperation, irritation -cy 涵意: state of being 例: democracy, obstinacy -eer, -er, -or 涵意: person who 例: mutineer, teacher, censor -ism 涵意: doctrine...

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2006年12月12日

  9. ...創造出一個妖魔嗎?妖魔是妖怪monster還是惡魔demon? 是女生的她嗎? Her obstinacy /stubbornness gave her the idea that she could create a monster/demon. 2...

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  10. ... obstinacy .wmv

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