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  1. 通常字句前面有non 就都是否面意思 也就是 "非" 或者 "不" 例如: non-placet = 反對票的意思 但如果沒有non, 那placet是贊成票的意思!! objection = "反對" 或者 "異議" 口語化一點的話 也可以把 non- objection 說成 : 沒有意見!

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  2. 1. no objection =necessary=必要的,必需的 No objection Certificate 指「必須的證明」 2.你的貨對海關是管制品 須要『無缺陷的可證明』 證明你是最終的使用者 沒有『back to back』問題

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  3. moral objection Although her family treats her pregnancy... her family treats her pregnancy with moral objection , she demonstrates her determination to give birth of ...

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  4. most of the objection his colleagues had to the technique were...這些研究者對台灣有何文化偏見 (我連主詞都找不到 {most of the objection his colleagues had to the technique}是主詞嗎...

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  6. Therefore, objection against the legalization of suicide assistance is to make the whole medical system no...

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  7. 應該是 Objection ! Objection !

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  8. ...because the defendant, Great Benefit-- Def. Atty: Objection . Leading. Judge: Sustained. Q: Your son...

  9. "any thing wrong?""there was no objection on the part of____ present". "有什麼不對勁嗎?" " 沒有人反對文件的這個部分。" present = 文件(法律) A. this 正確 those 和 these 後面的名詞應該是複數 presents who 在此無意義

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  10. ...samll intestine.6.Tuition fees were increased _____many objections from students.a.though case of c.depite d.althoughQ:答案為...

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