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  1. Nothing much (沒什麼、不怎麼樣、還好)中的 much 詞性為何??? 一般形容詞大多為前位修飾,除了X+thing如 Nothing , something,anything 用後位修飾 call back的call詞性屬動詞,回電------ 2012-02-19 16:28:14 補充: much 為形容詞--------

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  2. 沒什麼、不怎麼樣、還好………之類的。 A:How do you feel? B: Nothing much . A:Are you hungry? B: Nothing much .

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2005年09月12日

  3. Nothing much . It's just because of that b**** word. 2013-10-27 19:14:50 補充: Requested by Kevin, and so I put my answer in here: " Nothing much . It's just because of that b**** word." I've experienced...

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  4. 1. Nothing much . Simply present your U.S. Passport with ...

  5. A : Long time no see. What's up? B : Nothing much . How's it going? (What's up with you? 也可以) 其實...

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  6. ...? B: Ok, I guess. How about you? A: Nothing much ... tired... B: Oh, really? What happened? ...

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  7. ...但沒等到你說 nothing 的時候, 他已走了...~ 所以跟他們說wassup 就行了. 當然答 nothing much 之類的說話沒不妥~~

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2005年05月24日

  8. 有很多種意思喔,以下兩種是常用的。 1.沒什麼 A: What s the matter with you? (你怎麼啦?) B: Nothing (沒什麼啦!) 2.沒做什麼 A: Hey, what s up? (hey, 在幹嘛啊?) B: Oh, nothing much . (沒做什麼啦!)

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  9. ... her head and Scarlett thought she looked like nothing so much as an old, knowing parrot. She cocked her head and...

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  10. they expect nothing less of him. 不只是【對他充滿期待】 通常是他的表現突出,事後說 "they expected nothing less of him." = 正如他們對他的高度期待。(不負眾望!) 常用的否定...

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