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  1. ...there's no need for you to apologize. It's not your fault, but it certainly would be great if there...below yours. We'll be working in the same building ! Jessica:-No way ! ...

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  2. Never. Games do not always reflect the reality. The "nitrogen" you earned is skill point/bonus. At the same time - there is no aircraft flying unlimited missiles.

  3. ..., which are planning to ship in 3 batches; not Lot 1 of 4 fcl and Lot 2 of 2 fcl as referred. Are unit 1 and unit 2 be written and referred to in the same LC ?

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  4. ... not quality of whom) can not contribute ( not play) its supervisory effects. On the contrary, there are significant difference...chairman of the Board are the same person, it is easy to (deny) its...

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  5. 這似乎是一首詩或歌詞,因此可能“意譯”會比較好: 他的一生比誰都勤勞不倦 他從到來一刻至離去之時都貫徹始終 他實在是大智若愚卻又具慧眼真知

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  6. Finish first. For what it worth - many graduates do not end up the same field of their studies. So it is immature to know how you can end up with.

  7. ...quot; modifies the predicative adjective "worried" and they have the same meaning. ("at all" cannot modify the linking verb "seem")

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  8. ...intransitive] (also keep on) to continue doing something or to do the same thing many times keep (on) doing something won’t listen! She pretended not to hear, and kept on walking. Grammar...

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  9. ...still walking this (these) familiar road(s), living the same familiar life. In a blink of an eye, 50 years have...have changed completely. "He" is the only one that has not changed.

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