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  1. 170-200k 不等, 視乎當日價格而定~!! check 價格既網址

  2. 44 normal cabbage heals 1 hp Message from eating normal cabbage is... should be "You eat the cabbage,it taste better than normal "

  3. 難度 NORMAL 或以上 1P故事模式 Kabuto路線全破-銀騎士入手 Rider路線...騎士入手 三路線再一次全破(連EX關)-Hyper Gatack入手 難度 NORMAL 或以上 1P/2P雙打模式不用NPC幫手 矢車THE BEE...

  4. the normal time to play the computer game is 15 minutes after 15 minutes, you need to watch some Green items like tree etc... but i suggest you dont play more computer at home, because it hurts your eyes very well

  5. Of course the graphic is much better than normal AV output. But you need to use either component or HDMI(you need to have a HDMI output xbox360) cable in order to enjoy such high resolution video output.

  6. PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) NORMAL PACK - BLUE 型號: PSP-1006MB 公司: Sony...

  7. ...得。 以上全部都可以打到super effective。 flying既pokemon都係用雷招打,而 normal 就用格鬥招。 p.s. 如果閣下唔知自己隻pokemon既屬性(咩系),可以對住個名按...

  8. ...按 圖片參考: normal .gif 就得! 下 載 遊 戲...圖片參考: normal .gif 圖片參考:

  9. 可以,但一個帳戶只可以有一隻(一隻 normal ,一隻shiny都得,總之唔可以有兩隻同系{例: normal }既神獸) 你都可以傳去另一個帳戶,好讓自己既帳戶冇神獸,再遇都捉得

  10. 你要玩 normal mode先可以喺每個國家開埋其如果3版mini-game 圖片參考:

  1. normal 相關