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  1. ... 就可以了. 2007-11-30 14:18:32 補充: 樓下既,人地要特別去講明 Normal CD,斷估都唔係 Data CD 啦,所以我教佢最簡單又唔駛裝...

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  2. Windows xp 重灌 首先進入 BIOS 修改開機的順序,可是不同的主機板的 BIOS 設定畫面差別頗大,而 提供畫面者僅能拍下自己電腦的 BIOS 畫面供你參考。你可要肯動腦筋,膽大心細才會成功哦! 常常聽人說,一開機按 Delete 即可進入...

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  3. Normal User: 重新安裝,如需保留舊有檔案,請買新的HDD安裝Windows,再把舊HDD的檔案抄去新HDD。 Professional User: 請記錄所有不正常執行的程式,再進入Safe Mode刪除檔案。

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  4. Point to normal status bar by mouse, hold the left click button and move to normal position then release.

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  5. 1) Normal =正常 2)Dissolve =溶解 -------------- 3)Darken =變暗 4)Multiply...

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  6. 你個 normal .dot file 花左, 鏟左個word, xxxxxxx 姐係你自己果個 login 名. 入C:\...

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  7. 1) In general, normal graphic edition is NOT capable to convert into JPG directly. ...

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  8. Your condition is normal , those file may be for system using like pagefile.sys , so it can't defragment. 2008-06-27 14:17:11 補充: and some file that you are opening are also can't be move.

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  9. If you are normal user, Win XP home is good enough. Use Win XP Pro unless you are advance user. e.g. need to setup IIS web server and stuff.

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  10. 咁首先, 你要將chapter 1 , chapter 2, 由 normal (內文), 改成 heading 1 (標題1) 然後, 返去第一頁, 在 插入 pull down menu , 然後選參照, 再選索引及目錄, 然後再去目錄果個tag, click一下確定, 咁就得架喇.

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