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  1. ...that I like. The subject that I like is very obvious . You can tell which subject that I like. (較沒那麼正式...55:49 補充: 希望有幫到你唷~ ^^ 2008-05-25 17:30:55 補充: hehe.... no problem~ ^^

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  2. ... situation: => After the installment test, if you found no obvious improvement in oil-saving and horse power enlargement, please made below ...

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  3. ...anterior segement (g 後面多ㄌㄧ個e)of rt .lobe of liver , after contrast show no obvious enhancement , 肝右葉的前段有損傷,但顯影劑後沒有明顯的顯出病灶 advise f/u.建議...

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  4. ...補充: Edema, small size, over anterior horns of both lateral ventricle. No obvious skull fractures or ICH noted. Increased density over...

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  5. 多面向頸椎電腦斷層加顯影劑前後結果顯示: 在注射顯影劑後,並無不正常的顯影增強

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  6. 並沒有很大的困難 It isn't really difficult. There is no obvious problem. It doesn't make an obvious problem. It's no tough issue to handle. 表達的方式很多, 以上只是隨口舉例提供參考.

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  7. ...and make the same mistakes you might have made It's so obvious No , we're not about to go and make the same mistakes you might have ...

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  8. ...product will face problems in import entry. Although there is no obvious medication titles but the writing description has the curative effect...

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  9. ... English, its product attitude and will of buying are obvious and relatively good, but diamond and chocolate has no difference of showing in assaying, but its coefficient value of the...

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  10. 看 保留緊接著隆隆聲皮帶 我走穿過沒有明顯的標記的計算計畫 在外的去上 男人當然如此刺激沒有是立即地殺 賊是也凶手

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