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  1. 年輕人~快去追搞不好她正在等你開口,她肯和你握手代表她不忌諱跟你有支體上的接觸,男生要主動女生才心動,你去買黑輪時她說都沒買我的這句話不是代表了她都有在注意你嗎。

  2. ...) goes , you are on your own. meeting women 在原句中是指一件...用go As far as places to live go, Beaverville is a nice place, but it's not what you '...

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  3. buying/ He's in the store. He _____ a new shirt. (X) from/ John is _____ Mary. (X) are/ Where _____ you live? (X) buys/ He's in the store. He _____ a new shirt. (X)

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  4. ... your heart and widening your smile. When you got to meet someone nice , just embrace the chance let your heart open, and she’ll be the gift God...

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  5. ... blessings are always with you And show how happy we can meet Have a nice trip, however vain(adjective) Hope to see you again.

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  6. ...l) just hope to be given a chance to make up for my wrongdoing / fault . 3...我能遇見好人 -- Hope that l would meet somebody nice . -- Wish that l would meet a fine...0x0) Hope that's what you need !!

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  7. ... But if we getting familiar you will find me a good talker Nice to meet you -----------

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  8. our job. 5. Hello, 【My 】name is Kelly . Nice to meet 【 you 】. 6. How much water 【 is】there now ? 7.Mr. Carter...

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  9. ...是什麼原因, 起碼沒有讓對方覺得噁心就好了. 至於從 meet 到hand out到date當然是有層級上的不同. 你接受他的... will give us too much pressure. I like to be with you . Just let us take time to know each other...