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  1. ... was mad," he said. "But I was only newly made." They said that was better. He...

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  2. 「This is a newly -developed way of teaching English. 句中 newly 用new可以嗎... English. 要更順口的話: 正確:This is a newly developed English teaching method. 「He has...

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2010年03月15日

  3. ...先拆解句子為兩部分, 剩下的分別查單字即可. The newly transformed company proved hard to manage. The newly ...

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  4. Newly -Industrialized Economies (NIEs),就是新興工業化經濟體.例如:台灣 ,南韓 ,新加坡 ,香港等.

  5. 新興的工業化國家 Newly Industrialized Country Country formerly classified..., China, and Malaysia have been classified as newly industrializing countries.新興工業化國家並不具有成熟資本民主...

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  6. - newly developed technology - emerging technologies - new and emerging technology - a new technology has been developed WK

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  7. Newly Industrialized Economics

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  8. 新婚快樂 The newly married and happy 新婚愉快 The newly married delectation

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  9. In 2005 ~ newly hoped the new dawn I hoped for oneself can thoughts exquisite ~ maintain warm-blooded impulse ~ not to be defeated by any thing!

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  10. ...) from them. I would say (new open) should be changed to ( newly opened). I saw some use of ( newly open), but never on any other...

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