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  1. 你可以在商店裏買砌機,又好用又平,3000元都不用(不包括屏幕)

  2. 1) Environmental Problem Concrete land and buildings, high-rise building and increasing urban activities would cause heat island effect and worsen the urban environment.

  3. where are you going to bid? I don't think the healthy food or organic food will get a good sale...but I don't have better sorry

  4. How should I overcome this difficulty and take control of them? Delete the word but insert sincerity and faith, those who respect others will be respected, pay more attention to listen + to care + to share for one another's comfort + happiness + sorrow incl to treat others with...

  5. 我知要做 open account and sell card 仲有咩要sell?係唔係要做埋referral? 仲有d咩要做?回應: 應該請教自己的上司和貴行的資深同事。 不要說, 不同銀行, 有不同的工作指引和模式, 有時候, 總行和分行的同事, 在同一事情上, 理解亦各異; 因此, 避免任何不必要的誤會, 最好的方法, 是請教...

  6. 託管是指,暫時接管,政府沒有完全自主權,只有暫時自主權,一旦兩房財政回復水平,就必須交回主權,不可占有。 接管,是政府擁有兩房股權,即是把兩房國有,除非政府願意,否則不用把股權交回。

  7. It is a very difficult lesson. I don't know if you have any experience in management as well as doing business in China. I can simply advise you to stress on (1) Customs clearance issues (2) Maintaining good relationship with China government (the...

  8. 冇辦法的..............除非大型公共運輸系統出事,而有賣報紙/電視....... 否則只可講個信字.

  9. 佢係每隔一期先有密碼!!密碼係本書入面!!你係唔係買左11月30出個期!!11月30出個期先有密碼!!我可以影張相畀你睇下係邊頁!!其實你可以睇下邊頁有講只需用500分可以換購!!個頁的上角位會有一個印有號碼的貼紙!!個個就係刊登號碼!!

  10. Buystation 香港拍賣網 唯一有地圖顯示功能的免費拍賣網/ 免費網上商店/ 分類廣告/ BLOG / 以物易物 PS: 不用信用卡登記 / 可用 Paypal 收款

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