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  1. - 敷衍了事 to muddle (or shuffle) through one's work - 是但 / 求其 Whatever (in spoken language) - 不盡責任 not responsible (adj.) - 得過且過 to muddle along

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  2. 是但,即係要求唔高, 得過且過, 無認真要求。 1. 胡做亂做: muddle e.g. muddle through a task 胡亂做完一件事2. 不認真的: halfhearted(形容詞) e.g. a halfhearted student不認真的學生3. 不認真地: halfheartedly (副詞) e.g. do it halfheartedly不認真地做

    分類:社會及文化 > 語言 2010年11月05日

  3. .NET is probably one of the more muddled and mismanaged brands in the history of Microsoft. ...

  4. ...了事 fūyǎn-liǎoshì [gloss things over;do the routine work superficially; muddle with one's duty] 办事责任心不强,将就应付 他敷衍了事地说了几句,对...

    分類:社會及文化 > 語言 2008年12月21日

  5. 我相信各種亂X在英文裡各有相應動詞, 如 亂做 : fumble with, muddle through.... 亂寫: scribble 亂唱: mangle (a song, etc), 如果強行對應中文的亂X而說 <verb > + randomly / offhandedly / arbitrarily ....等, 很可能變成CHINGLISH

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  6. 求google translate好處&壞處(英文) 好處(英文) : time save sake + move quick. 壞處(英文) : better work for single words, tenses/phases/compositions are in a muddle .

  7. ... not to have the money to gain. Oh! How has the such muddled person

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  8. ...冰塊攪動以降低其溫度:stir 7. 要將固體食材萃取出汁液,則可用攪拌杵擠壓: muddling 8. 想做出層次分明,液體獨立分開的調酒:layer 9. 要做出上層液體向下淋透...

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  9. ...light rum handful fresh mint sprigs dash gomme syrup 1/2 lime soda water Muddle the mint, sugar and rum together in a tall glass, squeeze the lime into the mix and drop...

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  10. ... just really need a cuddle Someone to help me to get out of this muddle