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  1. First of all, both CT9A and BNR34 are All-wheel-drive (AWD), not 4WD. 4WD are hardwares with driver-select lockable differentials with low range, for off-road use. Even though they are both...

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  2. 圖片參考:http:// motor , 被 視 為 二 線 車 款 圖片參考:http:// motor ! 圖片參考:http:// motor ...

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  3. ...) built by Mitsubishi Motors since 1969. It was originally based... Manufacturer Mitsubishi Motors Also called L400 Production...

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  4. http://hk. motor

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  5. 富利堡(Richburg Motors )係香港最大既水貨車行. 可以係呢個網址睇下:

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  6. ... Audi R8 (Sideway) 圖片參考:http://hk. motor

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  7. 圖片參考:http:// motor參考: motor -show/7218709+w640+cr1+re0+ar1/2008-subaru-impreza-wrx-sti-two.jpg SUBARU ...

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  8. ... (SUVs) sold by General Motors . Hummers are some of the largest... sold the brand name to General Motors but continued to manufacture the vehicles...

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  9. coupé was unveiled simultaneously at the Geneva Motor Show and Melbourne International Motor ...

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  10. BMW bavarian motor works 請參考以下 Yahoo 知識 內容真係好豐富

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