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  1. long.  I hope these months in Taiwan will be your most memorable and beautiful memories. 第一段用過去式表示已發生的事情 第二段...

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  2. ... (which are) tasked with pushing the company's most expensive products.

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  3. ..., South Africa will align with the U.K. in most instances. Because the U.K. supports the...

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  4. ... experience. The route takes about 2.5 hour one-way. In most of the case, an experienced driver can drive the entire route without a rest...

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  5. An unified name in English is sufficient, because this is the name most countries uses. It is up to you for the Chinese name, as practically no country uses it.

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  6. ... would seem that Dodger's intention to Sikes was most 'advisable" eg:-Dodger's intention seems to have been...

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  7. ...quot; product ?Apart from that, your Company  has the most satisfactory product that I have ever had. --------------------Yours truly...

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  8. While several possibilities exist, the most probable cause is memory.

  9. "頂多" 的英文怎麼說? (1) 提及數目、金錢和時間方面,可用 at most ,但要留意要用適當動詞去配合。 例 - We can only afford to buy a birthday...

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  10. (the) previous quarter(s): 前(幾)幾季 the most previous quarter: 最近一季 most 翻成「最」 如果是我來寫這句英文,我會用”last quarter"來取代”the most previous quarter”。

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