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  1. 唔可以作為一個段落既開首!!!!! 一定要講左一d野,然後用尼加一d附加既資料, 用法 就好似also咁

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  2. ...出自邊度,我先可以詳細幫你解答。 就咁解都得,但有d矛盾: Moreover ,eco-tours will be organizes too. 【organizes...係加ed係因為個【will】呢度解(表示猜測)可能,大概,所以先有咁啲 用法 。

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  3. ... are undeniably safe and guaranteed. undeniably 係 adverb 用法 , 你係形容個 are 益或個 safe. 如果形容個 are 就冇問題, 但如果...

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  4. ...attract the public figure who likes to look good to very many fashions. Moreover by our company specialized standard, the high quality level, makes...

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  5. "should" (比較合理,must比較像廣東話 用法 ) "try" (因爲try更有體驗的意思,用eat... meat and lamb chops are tasty. " Moreover " ( moreover 意思是仲可以,而and then通常用於一步...

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  6. ... moreover , furthermore, besides, too... 但要留意個擺位係點, 例如 moreover , furthermore, besides係擺係句子最前; too就係放係最後 b), since 2008-07-13 18:11:57 補充: c) although 呢個字 用法 要留意下 although 可解作---雖然;儘管, 不過句式唔同中文...

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  7. ... V1 or conversely, V1 is lagging V2. Moreover the phase difference θ is given by: θ/2π = t/T 由以上用途...

  8. 連接詞副詞(Conjunctive Adverbs) 連接詞副詞如 however, moreover , nevertheless, consequently, as a result 被用來產生兩個觀念之間的複雜關係.

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  9. ...後面還想寫~就可以換一個字像是: what's more, in addition, additionally, furthermore, moreover ~~~~ 2. 易混淆字/ 相似字 這些字 考試最愛考 搭在一起背 最省力! 也是抄...

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  10., plans to visit the church to celebrate Easter. Moreover , we will do some shpping and buy chocolaters. We...空格再接蓉去 第七,I 要大階 第八,留意一下with的 用法 ,用左要換位

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