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  1. The answer is as follows: 圖片參考:

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  2. ( 中文 發音:山ㄋ洛吹米的,的是輕聲。) May... Molecular formula C3H6N6 Molar mass 126.12 g/mol Appearance White...

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  3. ...2x-2)NOy There are 63.6% N in NOy and the molar mass of NOy is less than 60. Therefore, 14/(14+16y)=0.636 [1...

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  4. 你的第一題沒打清楚,你是要比較methane跟什麼的boiling pt? 2. Cpd B. Fluidity is inversely proportional to viscosity. They are of opposite characteristic. The greater the fluidity, the lower the viscosity. Since B...

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