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  1. call him

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  2. u can find in, it have many information about mock exam !!!

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  3. to attend the *appointment/interview* on 9th April due to the attendance of the mock exams in school. So I would like to change my *appointment/interview* to one...

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  4. ... managed to hold my nerve when I sat in the mock exam in the middle of this year. I was happy to get the "achieved...

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  5. put the past paper on the internet make some mock exam for those student, and count their marks and show their range of their result~ give some skills for study make a gusses book for the student to share their experience

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  6. ...商務印書館(香港)有限公司轄下香港教育圖書公司編撰會考參考書Complete Mock Exam Papers to HKCEE (2003年3月出版) 曾接受星島日報訪問,向考生...

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  7. ...conversation. However, phones also have an advantage. It can receive a mock exam question and teachers can use text messages to keep in touch with...

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  8. .... Hence keep up with your sister's good work.cheer up and mock the exams . and enjoy yourself.

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  9. ... because I didn't prepare well. After the exam , when I looked at the 4 mc questions which I should not have done wrong in the mock paper, I really wanted to scold myself but anyway, I must not...

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  10. ... There are 2 choices... 1. Mock Paper:Reading & Writing ...copy the exercises in this book to have a test or exam !! The above 2 exercise are both for HKCEE...

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