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  1. ...'s pleasure to have you here at Summit-Electronics, Miss Lee. Jess:-Hi,Josp. I'm glad to be here...

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  2. ...分隔, 寫成 :- Soon after this, a present was made to a dog of Miss Ann's.  ☆☆[ "a dog of Miss Ann" -- 文法不對...

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2020年05月29日

  3. around the same time I arrived = around the same time when I arrived = around the same time as I arrived "when I arrived" 是關係子句 在這裡 當形容詞用 用來形容 time. 意思是<我到達的>時間

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  4. I missed the perfect score by two points on National Literature subject test.

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  5. 去過婕莉和Alice Bride兩邊的服務都不錯 價錢婕莉比較優但禮服AliceBride的我比較喜歡 樣式和質感我都是偏愛AliceBride 最後也決定在AliceBride租 給妳參考

  6. think of (X) --- think up (invent something in your mind) really (adv) --- missing an adjective after it be upsetting --- be upset (passive voice) ....+ to-finitive 改寫成...

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  7. ...的 是對(持續)狀態的強調.像是: I am here (and how could you have missed me?) = 我在這裡啊!(你怎可能找不到我?) I am always...

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2019年05月05日

  8. ...看看我在知識爬到很多網友推的論壇:「婚友社聊聊」 祝你早日找到Mr/ Miss .Right囉~