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  1. 我過著不幸的/悲慘的生活 這裡的 led 等同於 live S+ live/led a(n) adj life miserable 痛苦的;不幸的 2006-07-09 14:28:50 補充: led是 lead 的過去式在此作 過(活);使過(某種生活) 的意思

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  2. 音樂劇是譯為“悲慘世界“。 The novel was written by Victor Hugo. It s been adapted into musicals and movies. 此連結有小說的介紹,大綱和分析。 此...

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  3. miserable a.不幸的 可憐的 She is so miserable that she has nothing to eat everyday. 他真的很不幸他每天都沒東西吃...

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  4. Today is the wedding day for Mike and I. We held our wedding ceremony in front of a beautiful lake and invite friends and family to join us. This place is decorated with balloons, they have...

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  5. 壘咪 ze 哈ㄅ了 重音在 "ra"(發類似哈的音,從喉頭發出氣,再加上"阿"的音) "ze"用英文的音標發音 差不多就是這樣了

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  6. miserable (adj) 悲慘的 lead a miserable life 有著悲慘的一生 awful (adj) 極糟的 like a church mouse 窮斃了 a poor life 很糟糕的生活 Time is hard. 時間很艱困 have a hard time Ving 做...很困難

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  7. ...的民調 7)those in their fifties 在他們五十多歲時 8)of the " miserable " list ~的不幸 9)in the world 世界上 10)of happiness 快樂 請參考, 如有完整...

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  8. It is really too cruel for such a little boy to undergo this kind of the miserable tragedy. 建議稍為修飾為: It is really too cruel for such a little...

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  9. 我想你也是很無聊想送點數吧? 我點數很缺,不如送我吧! 我會感恩妳的大恩大德的! 謝謝啦! =目

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  10. 這一段是在音樂劇Les Miserables 中芳汀的女兒小Cosette被寄託在旅店主人... a joyful scene in the musical, Les Miserables . It consists the monolog of ...

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