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  1. Heinrich - first name Rudolf - middle name Hertz - last name which is = 姓

  2. ..., Hertz should be a last name . Heinrich is first name and Rudolf is middle name . In United State last name is always at last. And also Hertz is...

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  3. 1. In English culture, most people have a middle name in their name . 2. Many last names , such as, ... young master(s) by Mr and/or Miss than the first name .

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  4. 海倫.凱勒 = 海倫‧· 亞當斯‧凱勒 = Helen Adams Keller 海倫係 名 (first name ), 亞當斯係中 名 ( middle name ),一般唔用 凱勒係 姓 (last name /surname) 仲有,海倫凱勒唔係中國人, 呢條問題唔係中國史問題, 下次唔好問錯區

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