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  1. 參考: carry over: To retain ( merchandise or other goods ) for a subsequent, usually the next, season. To persist to another time or situation. 延期到其他的時間、下一季或是另外的狀況。 就是訂單要延期的意思。

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  2. ...translation I like better: "However, as he walked, the goods / merchandise fell out of the truck parked at the roadside and hurt him. ...

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  3. use the XXX logos to produce promotional merchandise including branded novelty items...have out ful authorization to produce the above listed goods and import them to Germany on our...

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  4. 退換貨說明 Merchandise return rules...need to rertun defective goods after receiving... out goods are new and... unacceptable for merchandise return or change !

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  5. ...this situation, how can I prove that I have already destroyed the merchandise photograph?

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  6. ... are also different. When measuring the net income for a merchandising company, it requires an extra step of subtracting cost of goods sold from the total revenue.

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  7. ... (MR), 外商公司很常見. 還有一個簡單的稱呼是 Merchandiser , 也是指國貿業務經辦人. 2010-04-20 12:42:55 補充: 關於職務內容, 你可以說...

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  8. ... an act of breach of contract. Our company had to sell the merchandise at xxx in order to maintain the cash flow of our company, in the situation that we...

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  9. ...存貨 Inventories銷貨成本 Cost of Goods Sold 銷貨收入 Sales Revenue

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