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  1. All defective merchandise with original tags may be returned within three days of purchase...

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  2. 退換貨說明 Merchandise return rules 若您收到的新品有瑕疵、破損、規格不符或是零件短缺的狀況...喔! Above stated uncontrollable causes are unacceptable for merchandise return or change !

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  3. The merchandise that cures with person Perimeter merchandise The box plays Have a second edition The engraves the version 不知道對不對喔~!!

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  4. The merchandise and brand experience 商品和品牌經驗 Perhaps the most vexing problem...

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  5. 我想讀 Merchandise Product Development這個major. 請問有人知道這個跟 Fashion... sportswear" market. see merchandise _product_development/

  6. The merchandise you ordered was originally scheduled to be packaged...

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  7. *Control Label Merchandise Components and Packaging All costs and ...

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  8. http://www. merchandise 這個網站可以購買,演唱會現場也可以買哦,詳情可至以上這網站看看哦,謝謝

  9. a. The style name of the merchandise : 購買商品的型號 b. The color of the merchandise : 購買商品的顏色 c...

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  10. Fashion Merchandising 就像你所說的是商與時尚的結合吧 不過不是每個學校都有這種program