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  1. disease of technology and treating of the size. Endure rice to be medicine little can pass through cell s membrane enter cells, it can change the behavior of...

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  2. ...  4000~10,000/ul 2009-01-30 21:47:55 補充: medicine _disease/translate2.html?id=3#word

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  3. It is difficult for the untrained eye to distinguish what is real and what is fake when looking at this table full of Chinese medicine .對中藥沒有研究的人,當他看到滿桌的中藥時,很難去分辨中藥的好壞

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  4. 越來越多的藥物做成是貼片的型式因為皮膚的吸收是非常強的 in patch from = 貼片型式

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  5. ...cardiovascular disease in people who usually have to eat the heart of medicine , such as the flu does not care what the drug is...cardiovascular disease only 45% of the normal daily sports medicine perseverance more than 45% if all three have a lot of patience and...

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  6. ...收據 Your 給院長 document: 你的 給院長 文件 was 慈濟綜合醫院/ medicine /Tzuchi 是 慈濟綜合醫院/藥/慈濟 received by: 由 xx 收 at...

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  7. ... of the female flowers of this plant, used in brewing, medicine , etc. Humulus 這種植物的 中文 名稱我找不到,所以直接以原文顯示,不翻譯。 2006-12-23 13:16:29 補充...

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  8. CALL 我認為 用 找 連絡 或 號招 THE MEDICINE MAN 已內文看來則是 研藥師 製藥師 找研藥師 連絡研藥師 連絡製藥師

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  9. ... foreshadowing that the author leaves has-buy the rat medicine , the owner asks Emily and does what, she doesn't say, the...

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  10. the area of the floods, ready to dole out supplies of food and medicine . 紅十字會飛往洪澇地區,準備發放食物與藥品。 以小份發給 直譯為...

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