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  1. medication 是藥物治療, 包含所開處方之藥品. medicine是單指藥品而言. 例: The medical care for her illness involves both medication and psychological recovery. She should take medicines regularly at the doctor...

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  2. medication switch是什麼 medication switch 服藥開關

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  3. 1. medication _bag_acts.php?type=&cnt_id=9878 2. medication medication _bag_acts.php?type=&cnt_id=9756 6. medication _bag_acts.php?type=&cnt_id=8476 7. medication _bag...

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  4. ... Oral Uses This medication is used to relieve occasional constipation. ...may also be used to treat constipation due to certain medications , bowel diseases (e.g., irritable bowel disease, spastic...

  5. Physican Discharge Medication Worksheet (PDMW) The PDMW provides the physician...

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  6. Head of medication /surgical material management 2006-04-08 15:41:46 補充: I am currently the chief manager of medication and surgical material in the operating suite in the hospital.

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  7. Medication _license.aspx?nodeID=184# .Ventolin

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  8. 點滴(生理食鹽水)500c.c. 要加藥入點滴(ex有些抗生素 是要加入點滴裡給的) Renew Orderu 醫囑更新 看Renew Order更新後的醫囑就是了 之前的醫囑失效

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  9. ...翻成 "有關對照組物質的"會比較有人懂吧 上面為一時字面上的翻譯10. medication 主要是以藥物而言所以是 "負擔不起藥物費用"怕你看不懂所以再補充...

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  10. Antiparkinson medications must be continuously montitored for efficacy and have significant toxic and side effects...

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