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  1. no matter = 無論, 不論 no matter 後面一定要加上 who, what, which, if, how ... 等 no matter who - 不論是誰 No matter who call, I won't answer. no...

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  2. 1. No matter ; be/make no matter (to sb) (that/whether ...) 對 sb 無關重要 e.g. " it myself." 沒關係, 我自己幹吧 It's no matter to me whether you arrive early or late. 你來早來晚,我都無所謂。 2. ...

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  3. Researching Dark Matter A few years ago, I spent a fortnight... I was writing DARK MATTER , I needed to get the feel of the polar...

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  4. 大概意思是 "無論用任何方法" 但當然要看看上文下理才會有最貼切的解釋. 例: No matter what method is used, the problem is still very likely to happen 無論用任何方法, 看來問題仍會發生

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  5. ...-critical 是形容詞,指關乎整個任務成功與失敗的.....,而mission-critical matter 是關乎整個任務成功與失敗的事情或事項。光是將mission-critical 譯成很重要便令...

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  6. 你有甚麼病痛呢? 要加"the" --> What is the matter with you ? or What is wrong with you? Where do you feel unwell? Hope this helps 圖片參考:

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  7. FAMILY MATTERS 作為標題,可譯作家庭事務。 Major changes: 重大轉變 ...34 補充: Abusers 是施虐者,唔小心delete咗個者字。一般來說,family matters 是家事,不容外人插手,但今番是政府改例將家庭暴力適用範圍伸展,變成不...

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  8. Call me at night and it doesn't matter when? 我根據以上作翻譯,就是「晚上給我電話,可不要拘限於時間呢...

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  9. no matter you, i can't give you=不管你做什麼我都不會給你

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  10. (--)(2)No matter what you say, I won't believe a word. No matter what=what is a determiner after verb say.

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