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  1. 網上有好多方法, 不過我就覺得通常都係用隻手拎住條野, 上下上下咁郁d皮..如果你冇割包皮既, 基本上就係上下上下咁郁, 一下見到龜頭一下見唔到, 愈來愈快 如果你有割既都係咁做, 不過幅度就冇咁大啦, 因為塊皮短d

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  2. Chinese). For your second question, whether people masturbated have sin or not depends on their own religon. In the past...

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  3. If you are a good boy, not masturbate too much, your number of sperm may not be limited;;........, but...

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  4. ... via telephone, especially when at least one of the participants masturbates or engages in sexual fantasy. Phone sex conversation may take many ...

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  7. ...、(三) masturbate .htm、(四)

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  8. ...自己,都試過好幾次一日打三次, 外國曾經搞過好幾次"自慰馬拉松"( Masturbate -a-thon), 你上網都search到:( Masturbate -a-thon...

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  9. yes, your penis will grow longer and thicker between 12-18 years old, you just gget into the Adolescence, so don;t worry about your size at this moment~ do more exercise, it will help you body keeping fit and growing your penis~

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  10. 1. 12-13cm 2. I do it when I want to do it. so I cant say the day.. welcome to PM me ,我想認識你~

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