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  1. solo manufacturer = 獨家製造廠 有可能是因為: 1. 獨家的技術 或是 2. 商場的契約 例子們: Tesla is the solo manufacturer for this electric car. We have had an agreement to use them as our solo manufacturer till 2020.

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  2. fact這個字的拉丁文原意是do的意思 manufact是兩個字的組合,即hand made(manu是拉丁文的手)。有別於natural(自己長出來的,天然的)。 兩個字都來自拉丁文 所以factory和 manufacturer 都是:人們製造東西的地方 兩個字屬同義字。

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  3. ...glue. The place where these two ends meet is known as the manufacturer 's joint. 請參考圖樣: manufacturers ...

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  4. 你好, supplier 通常不一定是製造商, 只是供給貨物的一方 manufacturer 就是製造商

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  5. ...生產(英語:Original Equipment Manufacturer , OEM),又譯「原始設備製造商」,指由... 英語:Original Design Manufacturer 的縮寫),指由採購方委託製造方,由製造方從設計...

  6. 圖片參考:http://www. manufacturers 圖片參考:http://www...公司簡介 * 產品目錄 圖片參考:http://www. manufacturers 圖片參考:http://www...

  7. ... special subject is mainly importing manufacturer 's report that provides for to anticipate an excavation... out the efficiency that importing manufacturer 's report of Bureau of Standards...

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  8. Manufacturer Information. 製造商資訊 Any unpatented knowledge or information concerning Manufacturer ...或它的員工者,除特別有書面同意,應該,是在本協議書中的一部分已被視為已揭露。 Manufacturer agrees not to assert any claim against Best Buy by reason of any use or alleged...

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