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  1. ...quot; 指的是 地產,尤其是處於鄉間的地產。 " manor " 有兩個意義; 1. 指的是在封建制度下貴族的...意義2,含有一明顯的主建築物,並非祇是土地而已。 若以 manor 來說,它是領主的宅邸及自行使用的週遭土地。

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  2. 算是插入語或是介詞片語? Both! It is a prepositional phrase and uses as an adjective to supplementally describe "Mr. Jones".

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  4. 我建議 你可以先搭地鐵 至 willesden junction station 再往北走 四百公尺吧 OR 計程車 大概 二十五棒 之內吧

  5. 1. She grudges such a stupid fellow his manor house 這句不可以改成She grudges such a stupid "fellow's"...

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  6. Croft Manor 要先到1樓的電腦室(就是玻璃牆裡面), 地上有個筆記型電腦,調查它,牆壁上...

  7. The story take one quite rich mystical and the legendary color's ancient manor as a background, lost parents' young Mary by one in one day to travel...

  8. 1.Hey! Come on! Very interesting! The manor this summer, everybody plays together, it can not be dangerous, some are happy...

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  9. ... (2005) 凶宅 Cold Creek Manor (2003) FearDotCom (2002) Deuces... of Lions (2003) Cold Creek Manor (2003) Alone in the Dark (2005 film) (2005...

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  10. ... International School等等=========================Pine Manor CollegePine Manor College是屬於大學附設語言學校, 也...

  1. manor 相關