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  1. appear vi come into view, become visible; eg:-The advisable answer appeared on the Dodger's to Sike's.Dodger's answer appeared talking to Sikes. appear=seem; eg:-It would seem that Dodger's intention to Sikes...

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  2. 就像有人說: "一般人 整個人生之中 有25年是在睡覺" 一樣 "一般人 整個人生之中 有5年是在排隊" "一般人 整個人生之中 有12月是在找失物" 會難懂嗎?

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  3. ... by "as if" to further introducing an adv clause of manner , with a past tense "were" in the adv.clause.

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  4. ...when "some were holding her briefcase" of manner , purpose "and" while "some were protecting her from...

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  5. ... (1)I saw this (with my own eyes)-----adv phrase of manner ,purpose, condition (in December of 1900)---phrase of time. (2)A (...

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  6. ...action as linking verb, modal verb; home-----object, noun after work-----adv phr. of time, manner , purpose, condition to (was driving)

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  7. "an air-conditioned comfort" sacred-place(=sanctuary)---adj make yourself comfortable-----adj in a comfortable manner --------adj "an air-conditioned comfort" to be treated as adj phrase to the sacred-place.

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  8. ...position, the exact position depends somewhat on the predication. (1) like adverb of manner , place after the direct object of action verb or the verb (if intransitive). e.g. They...

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