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  1. bedside manner 圖片參考:   ph. (片語 phrase)1. 醫生對病人的態度Dr. Green has a good bedside manner .格林醫生對病人態度親切。

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  2. manners 把它當成態度上的禮貌,如對人恭敬,態度很好的那種禮貌 politeness 是禮貌,如不可無禮的那個"禮",比如說行為舉止

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  3. Q:In like manner , it can be said that things are like illusions; they...

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  4. ...slang) 2. playing or performing in a highly accomplished manner (dated slang)

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  5. hello' 圖片參考: manners 規矩 習慣 Etiquette 禮儀 peas 豌豆 carrots...

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  6. manner <<名詞>> 1 方式; 方法 2 態度; 行為 3 (常作 manners ) a. 習俗; 禮儀 b. 風俗; 社會道德; 準則 4 (藝術的) 風格; 文體 This...

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  7. collectively oriented manner ↓翻譯後的意思是↓ 集體針對的方式

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  8. 1.) in a business-like manner ( 像個生意的樣子, 可申為有效率, 有系統) in a student-like manner your friends in a “hot or not” like manner . 我曾碰過一個(jerk)要你對你身邊的女性朋友評論"夠不夠辣...

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  9. Maxim of MannerBe ClearAvoid obscurity of expression.Avoid ambiguity.Be brief (avoid...

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  10. 請問第一段有一句determining the so-called pedestrian passing lane on a crowded sidewalk are just some of the many etiquette conundrums we all face No wonder you would not understand this .. Taiwan would not have this problem at all --- because no car driver will...

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