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  1. ...課長...= 口 =不知道在想啥...正確因該是Software developing section manager

  2. ...董事長 (Chairman of the board) 總經理 (President或General manager ) 副總經理 (Vice president或 Associated general manager ) 經理 ( Manager ...

  3. ...工作認真, 細心, 吃苦耐勞... 2007-10-16 15:42:53 補充: p.s. HR 人事 或 manager 都會再問一次你的履歷.

  4. Production Manager 產品經理 Project Manager 專案經理 最常見是這兩種

  5. 1.General manager 's office 2.The first office 3.The second office 4.The third office 5.Design department 6.Planning department 7.Interior design department 8.Library 9.Makeup

  6. ... chose oneself like was the study, and displayed manager in this domain.

  7. ... 常務監事Managing Supervisor 總經理General ManagerG .M. 副總經理Vice President V.P. 執行長...

  8. ...還要看他上下有沒有主管來決定:, 像是: 經理 Manager 副廠長Factory Sub-Chief副理Assistant Manager ...

  9. ... own professional skill and modest consults to various departments manager senior confession each matter completes

  10. ...reservation, handouts and facility) 9.Other miscellaneous work to support account managers and department

  1. manager 相關