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  1. Describe a map you would make .Let me try to describe the place I say is... Nd.too, It’s also the prosperity and a popular sightseeing spot in . the centrial part of Tianmun...

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  2. ...'s what I though why mopeds could be so popular in Taiwan. ------------------------------------------------------------- "... Chinese translations if you'd like to make a change of it, thanx

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  3. ... with a friend. Because of this reason, I am a popular person.

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  4. LEGO movie is built with all of the charm that has made LEGO's so popular across the globe. "立高"電影是建立在讓"立高"可以風靡全球的吸引力上面...

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  5. Spain and pipe smoking soon became popular there. 複合複雜句 Before long the British began smoking and made it an important crop in their American ...

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  6. mooncake Bake It is made from flours and mashredbean During the moon festival, people eat it with friends and familys at home.

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  7. ... Year, and it is a very famous and popular New Year’s activity in the northern of..., now only Taiwan keeps it well and makes it well-known in the world. People can write...

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  8. Sweet tea is a very easy-to- make drink that is popular in the southern(Southern)1 United States.Almost any...

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  9. This would make an excellent PC product. 這將成為一個極佳的PC產品 Not only should you...範圍將被包括所設立的指示者(指示器),獲得的參考點等等的資料 It could be very popular . 這可以是受歡迎的

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  10. 看完你的問題,我想是出現在你對整句省略部份不明瞭,那就請你還原其原有面貌,就一清二楚了。比如Written in haste, this book contains a lot of mistakes. 還原【this book is】Written in haste, this book contains a lot of mistakes.就知...

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