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  1. Yorkshire應該是故事發生的地點-英國約克郡吧 那句不是Colin說的,是Mary的感嘆,應該是感謝約克郡給她帶來的好處和令她欣賞吧...

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  2. ...light clothes and short jean.  -----Did you have a good time there, Peggy ? P:-Yes, I... food in particular is excellent. E:-You make it sound so tempting. Now, I just can...

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  3. 1. architecture - pyramids 2. medicine - they made good mummies. 3. engineering - pyramid construction, irrigation, and flood ...

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  4. (1)acuse--of course, makes something happen afore---before chimbley---chimney (2)vereas---whereas---considering...

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  5. 答案是正確的,答的[……]內,只是附加理由。 1. 問:它難以預訂嗎? 答:不,[它沒有我想像的那麼難。] 2.問:你認為股市會下跌嗎? 答:是的,[它(股市)看起來不太好(,應該是會下跌)。]

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  6. ... good friend, like a bowl of soup---(=which is) is ellipsis. Then to make a sentence accordingly ,eg:- A good friend, like a bowl of soup, can give an ellipitical remark (to you).

  7. It is unconscionable that as my munshi you should have lied to me in any way. 怎麼說你都是我的導師, 竟然對我撒謊, 真是豈有此理! Here's a good reference page:

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  8. .... My personality is independent and has good resistance (compete with) pressure. Therefore, I... hours can be arranged reasonably (to make ) the work organized, more efficient, and able to work in...

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  9. ... show; (A)2-(A)---convinced;-- make me feel certain,to realize (B)3-(B)stress---pressure, hardship... hand clothes are much better and very good looking.

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  10. ...的 超級滿意!到現在真的鞏固得跟勁量電池一樣 渾身是勁~! 這麼好用而且又是 Made in Taiwan的絕對要推薦給各位!! http:// good