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  1. Maintain an army for a thousand days , is used in and faced .

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  2. ... is set to 0 minutes , then the AirStation will maintain the connection indefinitely) 這段指若中斷對號連線設定若設為 0 分鐘, 分享器就會...

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  3. 換句話說,蜂王乳和蜂蠟在測試過氧化反應期間一直保持很活躍的狀態。

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  4. ... of fat with anything else that disperses within the chocolate and maintain its texture. 有幾個字拼錯了, 已為您訂正. disappoint並不是「不吸引人」之意, 在本句是「不易做出; 難製作」. 翻譯 低脂巧克力製作難度高, 因為很難用其他材料散佈於巧克力內部來取代微細的...

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  5. strong, even if the front road is how difficult to walk, we all must maintain the courage to proceed to make great strides forward! ~~ (日文和英文...zh_tw/products_services/computer_translation.html 這個地方 翻譯 ^^~

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  6. ... and in surpassing itself. If all it does in maintain itself, then living is only not dying. 生命就是投注...

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  7. ... for hiring employees, evaluating employees, maintaining safety, and responding to customer complaints. 儘管內部稽核員的...

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  8. Maintained Rose`s (is) current coping skills in controlling arousal levels and...文句中間兩句是開頭嗎? 我不清楚這裡 2008-05-26 00:58:19 補充: Rose 當人名是主詞(S) Maintained Rose's (x)就卡住了 , Rose maintained 或許才是 最後一句我用錯了 很抱歉...

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  9. countless doubts and trusts 例:We had passed through countless doubts and trusts on maintaining this marriage. 我們在維持這段婚姻上歷經了無數的懷疑及信任。 請參考,若有不妥請指正。

  10. Products 產品 The organization develops and maintains loyalty-inducing products; such as a club for Adult ...

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