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  1. The oxgyen concentration in water is lowered due to rivers and lakes being contaminated. Human beings and animals that drink water or swim in the contaminated water will get sick.

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  2. ...aggregate demand, which decreases real GDP and lowers the price level. A sharp rise in oil prices...aggregate demand , which decreases real GDP and lowers the price level. 2a. 在世界經濟過度的擴張之下, 增加...

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  3. ... 116 millions units. The market share has lowered from 40% in Q4 of 2007 to current 39.6% with yearly growing 26.8...

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  4. More than ever - 更甚以往 Lowering personnel - 低工資, 低人事成本 Reducing - 降低, 減少 以上是由商用英文的角度切入, 其實與一般英文差異不大; 如reducing單一個單字就無差別了

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  5. Continue to follow your cholesterol- lowering diet Be more physically active Lose weight if overweight Control all of your other heart disease risk factors, including smoking, high blood pressure, and diabetes

  6. "Hi, do you mind lowering your volume? It's pretty late and we would really appreciate it if you could just be a little more understanding to the people who need to get some rest. Thank you"

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  7. ...改過如下: 1)This painting depicts the flock of sheep " lowering " their heads to "graze" at the broad weald~ a.因為...

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  8. One robin faces another, lowers its head, and raises its tail to deliver a message, which is, "Get out of my territory."

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  9. ..., there is no proper benefit of lowering the legal drinking age, Eva Erskine... no unbeneficial influences to the youth, lowering the drinking age couldn’t help anything but...

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  10. ...01 persent on friday, joining the U.S. Federal reserve in lowering borrowing rates to nearly zero amid an ever-worsening outlook...

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