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  1. consider glance notice peer read see stare study view watch admire attend behold beware contemplate eye flash focus gape gawk gaze glower goggle heed inspect mark mind note observe ogle peep regard rubberneck scan scout scrutinize spot spy survey tend feast one's eyes get a load of pore over take a gander take in the sights

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  2. ...您有合作意願麻煩請與我聯繫 Please contact us if you are looking for business opportunities in Taiwan.

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  3. ...不同.有強調"看見你正在偷"的過程. 2.超簡易.用副詞angrily來形容 looked at動詞.還有,My要大寫喔. 3.超簡易. 用(A)做...

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  4. 1.分詞當形容詞: 現在分詞與過去分詞都是常常被用來當形容詞.他們最大的差別是-現在分詞有主動,正在或是即將,的意味.而過去分詞有被動,已經,的意味. 例子們: (被)畫花花的車子= defaced cars (被)漏完氣的輪胎=deflated...

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  5. After there + to be the relative pronoun "who" may be omitted:-eg:-There is oz (who)  is terrible. In relative  pronoun in defining clause:-eg:-This is oz (who) is terrible; is the relative pronoun used as the subject of oz...

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  6. .... So it seems. It seems most advisable. It looks as though=It seems to Dodger that it is advisable to...

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  7. 以下三個都行: What are you looking for? (What do you looking for 是不行的) What are you searching for? What are you trying to find?

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  8. ...要有句點喔! We would like to welcome you to Taiwan and are looking forward to seeing you in person soon.

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  9. ...]." 例2. 彼を見ると、笑わないではいられないだろう。 (To look at him, you couldn't help laughing.) 例3. お弁当にしては高...

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