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  1. ...以上 ex:i have three friends,one is from taipei, another is from tainan, and the other is from taichung some...others 有些...另一些... ex: some people like the sea,others like the mountains 這些...

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  2. ...8. I'm sorry I can not give you a discount 9. Would you like to try another perfume? 10. Is the price reasonable for you? 11. I'm really sorry, but...

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  3. Skeleton is, well, all the bones in your body you put them together so they look like you without the flesh on. That would be a skeleton and so that's another choice you might try.

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  4. 1.小白臉 gigolo 2. 劈腿,或者腳踏兩條船 be dating another girl/boy on the side 3. 第三者 have affairs with sb 好像沒有直接講...

    分類:教育與參考 > 考試 2009年06月06日

  5. ...說" Ok, that's fine. " 好的沒關係 " Would you like to schedule another appointment?" 1-2-1 他說 "Yes" "Sure" "...

    分類:教育與參考 > 考試 2013年02月28日

  6. ...which "was founded" by several school presidents. Another "( one )" is a reticular organization of university community service which "...

    分類:教育與參考 > 考試 2009年05月04日

  7. 第2題應該是D coins是可數名詞

    分類:教育與參考 > 考試 2009年07月17日

  8. ...四者的話用 one..., another ..., another ...,the other... 以此類推 沒有 anothers 用法 the other後面受詞說明不清楚 6.B,D是完整...我沒辦法解釋 算是語感 Of all people here, I do like Mike most.

    分類:教育與參考 > 考試 2010年03月02日

  9. ... every moment I spent there. If another opportunity comes my way, I will not hesistate..., Ming Lin Hope you like it! I don't really know what you can add.

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  10. .... I saw a shape like a rabbit eating carrots. Another one looked like a beautifuol girl with long hair. She had a string of pearl necklace on...

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