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  1. ...這句話是稻草人的心聲.整句是: It was a lonely life to lead , for I had nothing to think of, having been... made for such a little while before and had nothing to think of.

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  2. ...釋義:對於,關於) [which(關係代名詞) the US economic slowdown(S.) will lead (V.) to a broader global recession(O.)]. 華語譯:投資者正試圖評估關於美國...

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  3. 當涉及骶骨薦椎迫使下 可導致各種 性健康问題. 這需要照顧.

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  4. 不管你擁有多少財富,知足才能讓你人生更快樂

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  5. 這是我翻譯的結果:心力衰竭是一種複雜的綜合症,它依賴於許多生理機制的激活,這些機制與心肌損傷相關或一致,導致系統灌注不足

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  6. ...certainly may omit the "is" but you may also add it back to the sentence to emphasize the situation. The leading clause "the better the program (is)" is an adverb ...

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  7. Due to we are in urgent need of lead , please confirm if it is possible to ship 1 Ton first after production...

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  8. Life is too short to live someone else's dream. 人的一生太過短暫無法為了實現別人的夢想而活著. 活出自己的精彩人生~~~ 師父引進門 修行在個人 You can lead a horse to water , but you can't make it drink. ---這是意思比較像的諺語

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  9. ...差距小的) lead (領先) "robust" is an adjective modifying " lead " "if" is used before an adjective to introduce a contrast (Oxford Dictionary) ~ have a more robust and...

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