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  1. 1. 燈,油燈,燈火 In the streets, lamps are fixed to lampposts. 街上,燈是固定在街燈柱上的。 2. (發出熱射線等的)照射器 vt. 1. 照;照亮 Lights lamped the square. 燈光照亮著廣場。 vi. 1. 發亮

  2. I presume this is on low pressure sodium lamps that are also known as sodium oxide lamps . ... creates repetitive glowing cycles until the lamp is turned off.

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  3. LED是利用電能直接轉化為光能的原理,在半導體內正負極2個端子施加電壓,當電流通過,使電子與電洞相結合時,剩餘能量便以光的形式釋放,依其使用的材料的不同,其能階高低使光子能量產生不同波長的光,人眼所能接受到各種顏色的光. LED較傳統光源的照明優勢 1.有...

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  4. the fluorescent lamp gives less heat energy than the light blub, that more energy can be converted to light energy. As the efficiency of convertion (electric energy to light energy) of fluorescent lamp is higher, it uses less electrical energy.

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  5. Yes, it works! But I worried about any radiation or side effect.

  6. Leave me alone please.請讓我一個人

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  7. 1, 你所列出Pivot牌子嘅幾個model個設定都係一樣: a, 著車, b, 按實Shift Point個掣, 直至轉波燈閃光時放手 c, 空波, 踩油門踩到你想設定嘅引擎轉數, 吊住油門 d, 按實Shift Point個掣, 直至轉波燈停止閃光時放手 e, 等引擎怠轉後再踩上去, 同...

  8. 好處: 1. Lifespan Modern CFLs typically have a life span specified between 8,000 and 15,000 hours[1]. Typical domestic incandescent bulbs are similarly specified to have a life of 1000 hours 2. Energy consumption...

  9. 紫外燈 (UV lamp ) 有分光管或燈泡款式. 光管一般係T8管,放在一般光管枝架. 小心長期暴露紫外燈會損害眼睛. 圖片參考: SSP有得買.

  10. hi ! my mouse dont have the red light sometimes and the pc will shut down at once . it is very annoying me but i try to trun on the pc again then the mouse have the red light again! i tell you it happens sometimes again and again that i hate it very much. in my opinion, i think i will buy the new mouse la...