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  1. ...use of prepackaged food, a statement should be legibly marked on the label . (5) Name and Address of Manufacturer or Packer...

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  2. Label 是標籤,可以是貼紙,又可以是其他形式以對人或物件作出辨認和說明.例如把領取綜援的人為標籤懶人. Sticker 是標貼,可以是紙或其他物料所製成.

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  3. Record label 係指一d唱片公司唔會做經理人公司ge 唱片公司 2009-11-01 12:37:18 補充: 樓下個ans 都岩- -

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  4. ...amp;#39;s welfare or happiness: The party was no concern of his. Label : –noun 1. a slip of paper, cloth, or other material, marked or inscribed...

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  5. argumentative esay about shopping for designer labels and brand names

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  6. The label told news outlets on June 16 (KST), "... album's production, this was the reason." The label also revealed photos from the production stage of the ...

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  7. Food labelling law has been enacted.. this month, ......subject............v in passive...

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  8. The correct answer should be: Every CD must have a label on it. Note: It is because all the verbs after the word...

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  9. fashion labels (有名氣的)時裝品牌 market stalls 貨攤,攤位 tartan 和 checked...

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  10. We have already given you the labels at the exhibition. In case you need more, we can sew the additional by ourselves.

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