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  1. 1. knead •malleable = penetrate•permeable 揉-可塑的 = 滲-可滲透的 (動詞與形容詞...into shape the malleable properties of gold enhance its value可塑的 Knead -to form or shape by or as if by kneading 揉捏 The purpose of kneading ...

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  6. 通常都是稱Massage machine就可以了. 如果要強調柔捏的話a kneading massage machine就非常明瞭了!!

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  7. 1.The bread-making process involves first kneading flour, water, and yeast together to make dough, leaving it to rise, and then ...

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  8. The bread-making process involves first kneading flour,water , and yeast together to make dough, leaving it to rise , and then ...

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2009年08月26日

  9. ...key 2. The study function chooses 3. Thehypothesis study kneading board connects 4. The study area chooses 5.The segment...

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  10. ...說的『馬帝亞』木槽是同一件事 Kneading was a hard and long work, just for men with strong and firm legs...

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