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  1. BBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  2. Do schools today kill creativity? I do not think so. Nowadays, schools always make...

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  3. answer me quickly!!!i have to do my present!!! plz!:] >3

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  4. vipe=vibraphone,顫音琴 I think ' kill ' in this sentence may mean 'damage' The whole sentence means 'don't damage my vibe' My answer might be wrong, but I still hope that it can help you1

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  5. Curiosity kills the cat!點解? 字面解: 好奇心殺死隻貓 - 其實這是一英語 idiom = mind your own business. 別管閑事.

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  6. In spite of the fact that foreigner refused to answer you because unnatural to/untypical of his native way to argue your msn,fb, that he is known to "Dont fxxking kill (=king) me.

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  7. ...是指:有三個小孩被發現被殺害 3 CHILDRED FOUND WERE KILLED 而在這句中found是修飾3children,可以看為3 children who ...

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  8. 1. Clean your closet thoroughly and remove infested books, newspapers and fabrics from the closet. 2. Apply caulk (填隙料) along the baseboards and any other crevices (裂隙) in your closet. Silverfish prefer to...

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  9. ...section of the Lions' Natural Educational Park kill these pests? Yes, they do apply methods of spraying...

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  10. ...你系米讀書讀到kai左- -? 如果跟你講法,xxx,I would not have been killed 姐系話 I(我)已經死左啦,甘(我)仲點講野呀? 正確的conditional ...

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