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  1. ...關係子句>如下: a little girl <關係子句>would feel. for example: a little girl who just moved to the new house would (feel). he who supports Trump...

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  2. ...:-Hi,Josp. I'm glad to be here. Please just call me Jessica. Josh:-Sure, Jessica. ...

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  3. ...excellent. E:-You make it sound so tempting. Now, I just can't wait to get there.

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  4. 1. No. Public transportation fares are set based on various factors. Just because they appear to be cheap, it does not mean they are really cheap. 2. China (Mainland).

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  5. ... wish everyone can respect each other and help to resolve this human difference; not just about race, but of humanity. 以上只是參考內容: 第一段可以先說出你已看到有關...

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  6. Will 在這裡是<名詞> 是"意志力"的意思.Compounded是<形容詞>有"(被)重複施加"的意思."Will compounded"在這裡的意思是"專心再專心又專心"的意思. 所以"... broth will compounded ..."就是 "精心烹製...

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  7. ... used to show that you accept or agree with what someone has just said  例1. ‘Don’t get angry. She’s only 13.’ ‘Of...

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  8. 1,有沒有for文法上都可以,但嚴格區分加for是有目的性,即需要对方回復。而不加for只是一般电話,就取決接話者是否要留訊息,所以可寫成So if someone calls them, I will take a message. 2,英語也有一特性,明明希望对方是肯定認知,而偏用否定來問,例如...

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  9. 附上的參考應該解答了你的問題: 你看怪怪的只因為你不是英語人,英語人從小便會講,所以不會考究"文法"的詞性。 started在這phrase是看成一個passive voice的動詞或者看作一個past participle吧。

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  10. 1,How much should I weigh for my height and age?我的身高和年齡換算体重應該是多少?是否过重或輕,以主動形式使用 2,另一個測量動詞如measure亦是如此使用,例The rope measures 2 feet.

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